How to receive International Payment in any Country?

How to receive International Payment in any Country?

What this article is about?

Setup and receive International payment, no matter which country you live in.We will discuss 2 of the most popular payment receiving methods here. These are to be used throughout the journey of online business.  

Get Ready to Receive International Payment

receive International payment

Does paypal receive International payment in your country?


Paypal is the most popular method to Receive International Payments. Paypal may or may not operate its services in your country. If it does then it's a better option to create your very own personal paypal account at first.

To check if paypal actually operates its services in your country or not, please visit here


If it doesn't then we have another great option for you. It is payoneer, Payoneer is also a good option to receive International Payment. Payoneer also comes with its very own prepaid card. You can use it to buy a subscription or anything online.

To check if payoneer operates its services in your country or not, please visit here

Setting Up Paypal Account to receive international payment

Setting up paypal

Please follow the steps below to Setup Your paypal account:

Note, it is extremely important to have a legit and identity verified paypal account because Unavoidable issues may be on the queue. Many users experience problems like “not able to make a succesful transaction”, “account suspension” when they start to receive international payment because they havent completed verifcation.

So, you have completed al the step? Now, you have a working paypal account. Since You are done with setting up your payment method to receive International Payment. We are really excited to see what you make out of your journey ahead and also How you will progress ahead!

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Setting Up Payoneer Account to receive International Payment


Please follow the steps below to Setup Your payoneer account:

Once verified, you will be able to receive payments from any countries and any foreign companies that support payoneer as a withdrawal method. Further, payoneer also provides checking bank accounts in countries like USA, China, Canada, UK, Germany. To get access to these bank accounts. You will need to head to Global payment methods section on payoneer menu tab.

Note that Bank aacounts would only be available after you have succesfully verified your identity. You can then use these bank accounts to receive money from almost any payout company in the world. For instance, you can receive payments from USA even if you are a resident of Nepal.

Great! You can now receive international payments

Congratulations, now you have a fuly verified payment receiving method to be actually able to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

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